Import and Export Medicines - What Should You Be Aware Of?

  • May 06, 2020

Import and Export Medicines - What Should You Be Aware Of?
International medicine inspections are important for the safety of medicines. This is the first step to make sure materials and the processes are following the international standard and that medicines and other products and components in use in various countries are safe. The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Inspection (IFPI) works closely with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and FDA to carry out these inspections.

Over the years the IFPI has been doing these medicines used and has been developed worldwide. Though the majority of the medicines were safe for consumption during a trip to India, it was reported that there was a shortfall in their standards. It is difficult to demonstrate this as their production standards are not published by them and they have the medical establishment sitting behind them.

To fight against this, International Health Authorities (IHA) came up with their Model Code of Conduct which includes information on the Pharmaceutical Products of each country and can be verified easily. The IHA has also developed its Code of Practice that provides a detailed account of the Pharmaceutical Products in use will be regulated in their country.

Import and Export Medicines - What Should You Be Aware Of?

These methods are used by the health industry manufacturing standards to determine the quality of medicines by how they are fabricated and tested. These industry standards' example is a good practice or GMP, which ensures that drugs don't come into the marketplace with any potential threat.

Although there is no centralized body to regulate the review of medications, it is the duty of the states to be fair and honest. This is accomplished by the Industry Health Management Organizations, which must follow certain rules and provides all with information.

The Inspection program of International Medicines review involves the different branches of the industry including the Manufacturing Industry Health Management Organization (MIHO) - in which the entire process of the drug manufacture is supervised by an individual with authority. It makes sure that the drugs are produced in the right way and with the ideal staff and resources.

The Pharmaceuticals Engineering Institute (PEI) monitors the quality of the raw materials that are utilized to make the medical products. They inspect the manufacturing units and even the packaging and distribution systems. After the verification of the quality, they make sure that the drugs get through all of the necessary and tests so that they are prepared for the consumer.

Medical Technology Association (MTA) is another body that regulates the worldwide industry. It is responsible for the standard of medicines in different countries concerning production and sale. It is usually not directly accountable to the industry but is represented by the bodies of the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals.

Import and Export Medicines - What Should You Be Aware Of?

The Joint International Federation of Pharmaceutical Inspection (JIFPI) is another regulatory agency that takes charge of the standards of international commerce. Since this is a semi-governmental body, it can't specify the criteria of its own but just keep the standards adopted by all of the agencies and inspect the entire process of distribution and the manufacture of the pharmaceutical products.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the medical devices and the cosmetics industry. It's responsible for the standards of the pharmaceutical industries in the US.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) is in charge of the new generation of medical technologies. It oversees the quality, accessibility, and security of products and medications.

Before buying medications, you should always check for the stamp of approval of the IFTI (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Inspection). As this indicates it is safe to use and that the pharmaceutical product is legal, it is quite important.

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